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fluorescence Q&A

fluorescence Q&A

What are fluorescent diamonds?

All diamonds shine; Luminous Diamonds glow. Under UV light, our fluorescent diamonds emit a visible blue tint. In nature, this rare phenomenon is called fluorescence.


Fluorescence in diamonds is caused by the presence of specific elements and their arrangement in the diamond’s crystal structure. In some diamonds, under specific conditions, nitrogen atoms form a sufficiently high number of N3 centers — perfect triangular patterns surrounding a vacancy — that interact with UV light by transforming the diamond’s hue into a soft blue glow.

How rare are fluorescent diamonds?

Florescent diamonds are not common: according to the 2020 scientific research by the American Gem Society (AGS), one of the most trusted diamond grading entities in the world, only 15% of diamonds assessed at AGS Laboratories have observable fluorescence. Moreover, the diamond’s rarity increases with the fluorescence intensity: less than 6% of the diamonds have Medium to Very Strong fluorescence, with less than 0.5% displaying Very Strong fluorescence.*

How is the fluorescence graded?

AGS Laboratories grades fluorescence from the top-down (also known as «face-up») view of the diamond. It is the most authentic way to assess your diamond, as this is how diamonds are set in your jewelry, and how you will look at them. AGS Laboratories uses a four-grade scale of glow intensity: Negligible, Medium, Strong and Very Strong. The diamonds in our collections range from Medium to Very Strong in intensity.

Is fluorescence associated with natural diamonds?

Yes. The blue fluorescence in our diamonds only occurs in natural diamonds. It is a reliable measure of a diamond’s authenticity.

Are all of the diamonds in each Luminous Diamonds piece fluorescent?

All of the Luminous Diamonds pieces have at least one fluorescent diamond, depending on design. Non-fluorescent diamonds may also be used in order to create cohesive, original patterns and to highlight the beauty of the jewelry piece.

Can I see the fluorescence in my Luminous Diamonds jewelry pieces?

Yes, for non-negligible intensity glow, although you will need a UV light to see the true degree of fluorescence. Still, with bright sunlight or under a black light in a night club, you may be able to see the blue tint of your diamond.

Are fluorescent diamonds more suitable for special occasions?

Luminous Diamonds are intended for everyday wear. With a whisper of blue, a hint of sentimentality and an understatement of luxury, they are the perfect accessory that complements you on any occasion, casual or black-tie.

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*AGS Laboratories Fluorescence Research 2020