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the luminous diamonds®
Glow report

the luminous diamonds®
Glow report

AGS Laboratories® created the Glow Report for the Luminous Diamonds® brand. Each jewelry piece will receive a unique Glow Report highlighting the quality and unique fluorescence of the diamonds.

The Luminous Diamonds®
Glow Report

The Luminous Diamonds® Glow Report is a visual fluorescence assessment of our unique pieces. This report includes references of our individual jewelry pieces as well as the following:

• A sample photo of the jewelry for which the diamonds are intended for
• An intuitive fluorescence scale guide of the diamonds within the jewellery piece
• Images representing the intensity and color of the fluorescent diamonds

digital reporting

The Only My Diamond® online experience for Luminous Diamonds by AGS Laboratories®, has been created to provide easy, online access to additional fluorescence education and information.

Advanced testing technology

AGS Laboratories® will apply advanced testing technology to confirm the cause of the fluorescence down to the atomic level.

AGS Laboratories®’ analysis includes: full 4Cs grading on all featured diamonds 1.00ct and above. Fluorescence analysis on all featured diamonds including:

● Fluorescence intensity
● Fluorescence color
● Cause of fluorescence