We’ve partnered with inspiring and accomplished women
to tell their stories of inner light. Equipped with DISCERNING TASTE,
they confront life's pressures by following their DRIVE.


It takes resilience to stand out or stand on your own.

Make a tradition of breaking tradition. Unlike most diamonds, our rare, Luminous Diamonds® emit a stunning blue glow under ultraviolet light. Our diamonds stand as a symbol of the inner strength we all carry.

Don’t follow the status quo. Follow your inner light.


WNBA player / Mother / Wife / Sister / Friend

don’t be discouraged by your failures. challenge yourself in whatever your field is.

WNBA All-Star, PUMA Sports Rep, and most recently, a new mother, Skylar Diggins Smith is ready for the next chapter. After months of dedicated training, she returns to court for the Dallas Wings ready to chase down another title.

Skylar wears Inner Passion Earrings and Be Inspired Pendant


Model / Actress / LGBTQ Advocate

there’s no one definition of what it means to be feminine.

Elliott Sailors’ modelling career flourished in NYC. But she wanted more from the industry than the status quo — so she cut her hair and began working male modeling jobs. Apart from modeling, today she is also an actor, a personal life coach and advocate in the LGBTQ community

Elliot wears Be Inspired Earrings and Be Inspired Pendant



my inner light is my ethics and integrity. i have learned not to beat myself up and just be the best that i can be.

Eva Song’s versatility as a model is about more than what she wears. Her poise and presence bring an unmistakable control to every shoot. She believes that keeping a positive attitude, even in the face of failure, constitutes how one evolves as a person and as a professional.


Wife / Mother / Grandmother / Model / Photographer

Marian Moneymaker is, as she puts it, #justgettingstarted. A wife, mother, grandmother, model and photographer, she inspires women everywhere with her confidence and classic style.


Violinist / Arts-education activist

Ezinma Ramsay (AKA “Classical Bae”) blends the sweeping emotions of classical, R&B and hip-hop. Instead of dividing her passions, she brings them together to make something all her own. By boldly forging her own path, she challenges expectations and proves that musicians never have to be defined by a genre.


Plus-size model / Mother / Activist

Denise Bidot was the first plus-size model to walk multiple runways at New York Fashion Week. Off the runway, she’s also a mother and an actress, recently seen in the documentary Straight/Curve and the HBO hit Habla: Women.


Attorney / Fashion and travel blogger

Attorney and travel writer, Cynthia Andrew is comfortable wherever she happens to be. Abroad or in the office, she strikes a balance of both worlds through fashion. Through bold colors and inspired designs, she shows off exactly who she really is.


Like our diamonds, greatness is made under pressure.

No matter what you are up against, follow your inner light. Your inner light is yours to define. Our pieces merely reflect it.